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White Paper

Your Higher Education Spotlight on Asia

This report examines data from 20 focus groups, over 50 individual interviews, and more than 300 survey responses across China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It explores how universities can better target and communicate with prospective students in Asia

White Paper

Australian Domestic Student Survey 2019

The 2019 edition of the Australian Domestic Student Survey collected 7,291 responses from prospective students across 13 participating institutions. It examines how study decisions are made, sources of influence, employment aspirations and opinions of online study.

White Paper

Malaysian Domestic Student Survey 2019

QS’ first annual Malaysian Domestic Student Survey heard from 835, 15-21 year olds considering studying an undergraduate degree at a Malaysian university. It examines how study decisions are made, perceptions of branch campuses and transfer programs, as well as looking at sources of influence and attitudes towards funding.

White Paper

UK Domestic Student Survey 2019

This white paper provides insights on the information sources, criteria used to gauge teaching quality, TEF, integrated degrees, fast-track degrees, clearing and open days – in particular how prospective domestic students use each of these to make decisions on which UK university to attend.

White Paper

Using Student Personas and Profiles for International Recruitment

This white helps you create student personas that accurately reflect what applicants are really looking for. It also shows you how you can reduce risk and diversify your recruitment efforts by finding opportunities in new markets and regions, as well as how other universities have used student profiles to get more from their marketing budgets,